Harmful equine kidney conditions are relatively rare. Symptoms include weight loss, oedema between the front legs, or a swollen sheath, increased or decreased drinking & urination. Causes include inadequate drinking water leading to dehydration, use of relatively toxic drugs such as ‘Bute, excessive dietary protein or calcium, & microbial infection. If suspected, veterinay advice is essential. If diagnosis is late, irrevesible damage may have been done.
If urination is impaired this may be due to hypercalcaemia causing calcium deposits in the kidney tubules & urethra. If you require advice for a low calcium diet please complete the Nutrition Enquiry Form to enable John Chapman to make appropriate recommendations.
Filled legs & other soft swellings can be reduced by adding cleavers & marigold flowers to the feed. They complement each other – cleavers are diuretic & marigold flowers boost the lymph system’s fluid transfer mechanism, expediting removal of excess fluid from the tissues to the bloodstream

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