Minimising Starch & Sugar Intake.

● A 250kg pony for example, eating around 6kg of meadow hay per day will receive around 360gm of Starch & Sugar (S+S).
● This can give elevated blood glucose levels, resulting in excess insulin which can cause laminitis.
● Undigested S+S reaching the hindgut can be fermented to lactic acid, allowing undesirable microbes to proliferate & produce toxins which can can also cause laminitis, as well as loose droppings.
● S+S intake can be reduced by soaking hay. This also removes useful nutrients, thus requiring feeding of a mineral & vitamin supplement.
● Hay intake can be reduced by providing clean straw (preferably oat), especially if obesity is a problem.
● Hard feed should contain as little S+S as possible, & will not be required if the condition is good & the horse or pony is resting.
● Supplements & balancers should contain live yeast & oligosaccharides to promote a healthy gut microflora.
Suitable products can be obtained from Gravenhorse Feeds

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