Pests & Parasite

Almost every living organism, whether animal, insect, fish, fowl or plant will inevitably be an unwilling host to other, smaller organisms, of which the current Coronavirus is a typical example. Horses carry their share of pests & parasites, ranging from various microbes through to gut parasites, such as the redworms, tapeworm, pinworm, bots etc . For more information click here. The author completed the Saddlers’ worming course some years ago & is happy to provide general advice. For supplies you should contact your vet, or licenced retailer of wormers.

Surface parasites such as lice & mange can be very debilitating; there are a number of products available for topical treatment. Severe cases may require veterinary assistance.

Winged insects of various species, mosquitoes & midges in particular can cause problems such as sweet-itch. For more information Click here. A number of horse owners feed garlic as a fly repellant. When crushed or otherwise processed, allicin is produced, which repels many insects. It is available from Gravenhorse Feeds

Horseheath Nutrition can provide dietary advice: Click here.

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